Thoughts and Answers on Suicide and Bullying.


I am sure you all have heard about the TV show ‘13 Reasons Why’, a story that revolves around a girl whom committed suicide. Being bullied was one of the many reasons why she did it.

So, I asked myself, how far can someone go to the point where the victim takes their own life?

“Would everyone’s lives be better off without me?” A question you don’t normally hear first-hand. Sometimes we don’t see it coming like it’s completely out of the norm to hear such things happen. We say things like “Why would they do that to themselves?” or “Don’t they love themselves and the people around them enough?”

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Refresh, Recharge, Reconnect!

Ever had the feeling of being tired after a long class but you can’t go home because you have another class coming up in an hour? Or a quiet place with a chill surrounding as a place to study? A place to hangout with your friends perhaps? Maybe even a place to grab a quick bite before you get to your next class?

Fear no more and head on over to INTI’s very own Refresh, Recharge & Reconnect Room for your daily dose of relaxation. Split into three sections, the Refresh area is where you can fill your empty tummies with delicious patisserie and thirst quenching drinks without burning a hole in your pocket.



Some doodling found at the side


Where the tastiness is made

Opened from 7:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m only on weekdays, the air-conditioned and fully furnished Recharge area is available to be used for you to rest up in their cozy hammocks as well as their comfortable napping couches. Not only will you be able to recharge your energy, you can also bring some of your friends along to chill out.



But, let’s be honest, you would want to be alone when you’re trying to recharge, am I right?

Here’s a place where you can definitely tag your friends along; the Reconnect area! With the same timing as the Recharge area, it is also an air-conditioned room, furnished with comfy cushions and couches. Definitely a go-to place as a hangout spot.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-17 at 16.17.47

Some of you may be thinking, “Why have I never heard of this place before?

Here’s a little background info; the Refresh, Recharge & Reconnect Room used to be an empty blob of space before it was glammed up back in 2016 to become this masterpiece. You guys may have seen some renovation works happening around the area and may be annoyed by it, especially if you had classes in Block G because it was disturbing your studies. Looking at it now, wasn’t it definitely worth all the fuss?

Where is this heaven in INTI, you might ask? It’s located at Level 1 & 2, Block F, which is also known as the Metro Block.

So, why are you still reading this? Go on ahead and check the place out!

Written by Nabilah Rahim

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè by CCS

If you’re an INTI student, then there’s a huge likelihood that you’ve passed by the 3-days exhibition happening at the car porch and driveway which was organised by INTI’s very own Chinese Cultural Society. Lots of attractions and performances were on site to help entice the crowd to flood in.

A few CCS members seen hanging in front of banner

Amazing performances from various of clubs, such as iChoir, INTI Dance Club and Civil Engineering Club, as well as INTI students, were presented throughout the exhibition with the purpose of captivating the audiences’ attentions (which definitely did their job, if I do say so myself).

Performance by INTI Dance Club
Some beat boxing going on here
INTIans were definitely captivated

The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without street vendors and food trucks, would it? Over 20 street vendors were on site to make the environment seem even more festive! Foods, drinks, apparel, accessories, you name it, it’s all there.

(More photos ahead)

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Weird But True Stories: How Malaysian Guys Confess to Girls

Valentines day is coming up (Tuesday) and some of you are already strategizing the best ways to confess to your crush. If you’re single, you can try to emulate some of the methods shown here. And even if you’re not, or if you’re a strong independent woman (or man), you can still read this article for the laughs.

So, let’s begin with approach number one:

1. The Bully approach

Susan’s suitor acted like a bully to get her attention

Susan (not her real name) was just hanging out at the library like all of us INTI students do…. for the free aircond. Until suddenly Guy A appears and just starts hurling insults and making fun of her and her friends. This continues until Susan gets pissed off and threatens to break the guy’s face, then suddenly his expression changed…

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What you need to know about INTIMA Week

Weeks of preparation have gone underway as the clubs and societies of INTI Subang get ready for INTIMA Week. For freshies, INTIMA Week = clubs & societies week, aka kokurikulum from sekolah menengah again. Yes, those days of standing in the sun and pretending to have fun are gone. Time to choose a club and go clubbing*!

*This editor is fond of puns (READ: wordplay)

There are 28 different clubs and societies in INTI Subang

For the benefit of all you freshies, here are some essential things you should know before stepping into the fray tomorrow:

Choosing a club


  • Pick a club according to your interest (music, writing, travel, videography etc.)
  • Pick something you’d like to learn (dancing, public speaking, organizing events)
  • Speak to the club representatives at the booths (they will be there from 10am to 4pm)
  • Remember that even if there is no club to match your specific interest, you can still benefit by joining an active and fun community i.e. an established club or society.


  • Immediately decide that clubs are not for you before giving it a shot
  • Be shy (this is also an opportunity to meet people!)
  • Hesitate to ask questions
  • Think of forming your own club (it’s not that simple!)

There are procedures to forming your own club which are quite complicated, and there are numerous cases of clubs that were newly formed and have strong membership on paper, but die off due to inactivity. RIP band club.

Do remember that you can join more than one club!

You may also be selected for committee positions right away, if you show the right attitude and skills. Therefore, follow these steps after you have joined any club(s):

  1. Take note of when and where the next meeting is taking place.
  2. Take down the contact information of someone attending the meeting (perhaps one of the people at the booth)
  3. Be there when the meeting happens!

Also, if you really ARE keen on forming your own club, make sure you join a club first in order to learn how paperwork* (yes, paperwork!*) and proposals work* for dealing with SSD, INTIMA, and vendors. You also need to learn how to get sponsorship for events, etc.

*Yes I said work thrice. So sue me. Work work work work work…

It takes a lot of HardWork™ to manage and run a club/society effectively. So learn from your seniors by being actively involved in the planning and execution stages of club events, participate, and don’t forget to think on your feet. In the classroom, you take notes. In events, you dive first and then learn how to breathe underwater.

So remember the steps, and if you’ve already forgotten them (you short-attention-span-millennial-you), here they are in a nutshell:

  1. Choose a club according to your passion and interest.

  2. Register at the booth.

  3. Ask questions.

  4. Think on your feet.

That’s it for now! Until next time, tune in to Student Ink for updates and important information regarding student life in INTI Subang.

If you are interested to join our team, please contact Viktor at 0162320972 or visit the Mass Comms Society’ booth between 10am-4pm during INTIMA Week (17th – 19th January)!


Eat In Front Of Me

A piece by Kelly Anissa

“Be honest,” she said. “Does it bother you?”


The other day while our lecturer was busy preparing for class, I turned my chair around and faced my friends behind me. We had a boring start to the day, which gave us a lot of trivial things to rant about – being the sleep deprived college kids we were at 11 am that morning.

Mid way through, my lecturer openly expressed her surprise at how I wasn’t tempted by the scent of the pasta on the table between my friend and I.

I am, after all, a practicing Muslim and was fasting at the time.

That sparked the short lived discussion of whether it is morally ‘acceptable’ for non Muslims to eat and drink in front of those fasting during this holy month.

I know my non-Muslim friends feel uncomfortable having their meals in my presence and one of them even apologized for wanting to buy food – not even for eating in front of me. I’m truly lucky to be surrounded by thoughtful peers who always take my feelings into consideration. I feel grateful because I never expected that, nor did I feel like I was entitled to it.

And guess what? Neither should you.

I saw that viral post about the boy who criticized someone having lunch in front of him, demanding he be respected because he’s fasting.

As a Muslim, I want to point out to other Muslims with the same mindset that when we fast, the world doesn’t have to stop for us. They do not have to accommodate.

In fact, isn’t one of the many intentions of this holy month is to teach us how to persevere, empathize and to not be enticed by luxury and treats?

Asking someone to hide those things away so that you don’t get tempted is blatant cheating. Demanding that someone does that defeats the very purpose of what Ramadhan is trying to teach.

The poor do not ask you to put away your drinks when you walk by them on the streets because they feel thirsty.

The homeless do not ask you to buy a home somewhere away from their sight so that they don’t remember what it feels like to have a roof over their heads.

Struggling families do not judge you for eating at restaurants they could never hope to dine in.

I think the worst part from all of this, is that at the stroke of Maghrib in the evening, there are too many people out there who are still hungry, and will continue that way for days or weeks, while we get to stuff our faces with delicacies we bought from the bazaar.

Our ‘plight’, that only lasts for 14 hours, is a faint comparison.

So yes, if someone is going to eat in front of you, let them. You are supposed to know what it’s like to want something you can’t have because maybe, JUST maybe, you would come out of this challenge as a humbler character.

There is a greater purpose behind why Muslims choose to abstain during this holy month and it goes beyond the hunger and the thirst. If you understand what that greater purpose is, you’re doing it right.

So as for the first question at the beginning of this article asks, I say go ahead and eat in front of me.

Haze: Continue To Affect Nationwide Areas

A piece by Izzat Tham

An electronic signboard on the Federal Highway displaying API readings on Sunday afternoon. - AZLINA ABDULLAH/The Star
An electronic signboard on the Federal Highway displaying API readings on Sunday afternoon. – AZLINA ABDULLAH/The Star

A total amount of 29 nationwide recorded unhealthy Air Pollutant Index (API) readings proven to show this year’s haze continue to deteriorate and affects nationwide areas.

According to TheStar, at 10 a.m. Monday,on the 14th of September recorded a total of 29 areas recorded an alarmingly unhealthy API reading both in the West Peninsula and the East Peninsula.

Affected locations in the peninsula identified as: Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Selangor, Perak, Penang, Sarawak, Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, according to the Department of Environment’s website.

Banting in Selangor recorded the highest API at 176, followed by Nilai (168), Port Klang (165), Seremban (162), and Batu Muda in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya (161).

Other areas with unhealthy API readings in Peninsular Malaysia are Cheras in Kuala Lumpur (152), Shah Alam (148), Port Dickson (146), Kuala Selangor (144), Bukit Rambai in Malacca and Petaling Jaya  (both 143).

In Sarawak, the areas with unhealthy API readings are Sri Aman (134), Samarahan (118), Sarikei (119) and Kuching (105).

Areas in Sabah, meanwhile, recorded moderate readings.

Air quality with API readings of 0-50 is categorised as good, 51-100 (moderate), 101-200 (unhealthy), 201-300 (very unhealthy) and 301 and above (hazardous).

Source: TheStar (