The Complete Collegiate Guide to Weddings.


Ever experienced an awkward encounter at a wedding where you were forced into a conversation with a weird relative or with an aunt you didn’t even know you were related to?

When the sense of awkwardness heightens, you don’t know anyone there and everyone simultaneously gets on their phones just to steer away from it all? No bulletproof plan can save you from the horror that awaits.

I’m not one to judge, I myself, have been part of countless awkward interactions but at some point, you have no choice but to push through it. When you go to a wedding, you’ll meet some interesting people.

Like the aunties and uncles who have no boundaries whatsoever and will bombard you with questions about anything and everything that goes on in your life such as “Boy you got girlfriend ah?” or “What’s your SPM results?”, even if you have already told them before that you graduated 2 years ago.

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INTI Covered in Stars by Latest Leo Event!

Leo Club IICS Metro recently pulled off a huge water balloon fight on the Block A plaza of our campus. Also if you were on campus yesterday, you might have run into the members of INTIMA who were dressed in traditional Chinese New Year costumes and handing out free oranges!

According to a Leo facilitator, preparation began as early as 2pm Wednesday, which includes briefing the helpers, facilitators, and game masters, dealing with last minute problems. Facilitators also had to prepare a pool and fill it up with several buckets of water balloons. You’d wish you were here!

Registrants receive food, entry, and an event t-shirt, all inclusive in the RM10 fee.

Shahrul Nizham from MCS and INTIMA President Alfred Phua
Facilitator filling up the portable pool with water balloons
Innocent-looking little hydro-bombs just floating around
Participants are split into teams via colored ribbons

The event was named Science of The Stars, and the theme revolves around the constellations of horoscopes, each game station being a different constellation and horoscope with games presumably representing characteristics of each sign.

More than 120 students registered, and nearly a hundred participated in a night of bucket-dunking, ball-throwing, worm-handling, puzzle-solving, balloon-carrying, hide-and-seeking, charade-guessing, ice-breaking, blindfold-wearing, limb-twisting fun. Participants were split into teams via colored ribbons.

Their objective: to race around campus completing tasks that demand teamwork and coordination. Teams collect points from each station which are added to their total score.

Everyone just can’t wait for the games to begin!
Leo helpers Cain and Batrisyia at the registration desk
Only INTI students can look this fabulous on the job!

With ten different game stations, teams raced against one another for points and also against the clock. Winners get a hamper and runner up gets passes to funtopia, while the last team would be splashed with ice cold water. Registration began at 6.30pm for participants, and the event began at 7.45 sharp.

The night begins with an ice-breaking session where participants get to know each other’s names, reinforced by ice cold water (better to call it an ice-dunking session). I nearly got hit too! After being soaked, teams immediately got dispatched towards their first game stations and the race is on. I followed team ‘Black Hole’ to see what the gamemasters had in store for them…

This game is called Cardboard twister… But looks more like Cardboard Yoga
Cardboard Bridge: Lots of hugging required
Jack is the facilitator for team ‘Black Hole’. Each team has a facilitator to lead them

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3 Events in Selangor and/or Kuala Lumpur for the Artistically-inclined

A piece by Nelson Lim

When the more widely publicized launches, concerts, raves, etc., featuring internationally known public figures become overwhelmingly out-of-reach, perhaps it is time to embrace your artistic side instead!

Here are four locally accessible events to attempt in hopes of experiencing the Malaysian arts and culture community.

Screenings by Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia at Content Malaysia Pitching Centre

Films screened (almost) every week at the Content Malaysia Pitching Centre (CMPC) in Platinum Sentral feature a carefully curated variety of the award-winning (both contemporary and past) domestic and international.

Because the screenings are organized by the Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia, the small auditorium is often filled with its club members, in addition to film academics, and those from the local film industry itself. Entry is free.

Doors open as early as 7.30pm, and screenings begin at 8.30pm sharp before an introduction to the film is screened. The screenings sometimes feature attendance from the film’s respective cast and/or production members, especially when a contemporary Malaysian film is screened in the forum session that follows.

Depending on the length of the movie screened and its following forum session, attendees often mingle after up ‘till the final minutes before midnight. An event page will be posted up on Facebook approximately a week before each screening, allowing attendees to plan schedules beforehand. CMPC itself is approximately a 10-minute walk from KL Sentral, allowing anyone from various distances to spend the Friday evening with like-minded film enthusiasts.

Facebook :

Readings at Seksan

As the name of the event implies, Readings is a monthly reading session by local and aspiring writers. Content presented and/or read during the session could be working manuscripts, or already published works. Every reading session begins at 3.30pm, on the last Saturday of every month at the Seksan Gallery in Bangsar, and would usually feature a line-up of writers.
Organizers of the event, Bernice Chauly and Sharon Bakar themselves are actively involved in writing, editing, publishing, and organizing the annual Georgetown Literary Festival.

Content presented during the reading session has been curated and published into Readings, and Readings 2. Admission is free, and an event page will be created on Facebook prior to the monthly session itself. The reading session serves as a conducive platform for both existing and aspiring writers to mingle and exchange ideas within the small and intimate writing community in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Those looking to make a career in writing are more than encouraged to at least attend the event once to experience the local literary scene.

Facebook :

Arts for Grabs

Arts for Grabs is one of the more popular arts and entertainment installments in Kuala Lumpur in comparison to the aforementioned events. From the event’s humble beginnings at Annexe Gallery in Pasar Seni, Arts for Grabs has been held at Publika Shopping Gallery in Solaris Dutamas, KL for a few years now. Since the event’s inception at Publika, Arts for Grabs has been able to accommodate bigger crowds within the mall’s larger space and/or setup, attracting the casual shoppers to drop by the various vendors and booths.

Held four times a year on the weekend, Arts for Grabs usually features a bazaar of creative Malaysians selling arts, crafts and books, alongside appearances from domestic-based international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (i.e. Amnesty International, Seksualiti Merdeka, and Sisters in Islam). Book launches, forums, film screenings, and/or performances are also hosted within Arts for Grabs itself with no admission fee required.

Arts for Grabs aims to actively create a space for generating, sharing, exchanging, and promoting the arts, ideas, discourses, and/or activism. Due to the nature of the event, one is more than likely to meet local socio-political activists and members from the Malaysian arts community such as Pang Khee Teik, Fahmi Reza and Amir Muhammad.

Ex-Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. M himself made an appearance at the Arts for Grabs last June for a book launch. The next Arts for Grabs will be held in The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya on September 24 and 25.

Facebook :

It’s even better that all of these are free of charge and easily accessible for the average student to explore his/her creative side through immersing with the local arts community.

HOLIFEST2 Set To Color Subang

HOLIFEST returns to Inti International College Subang (IICS) for a second round on the 14th of May.

HOLIFEST2 is the sequel to the highly successful event organized by Inti’s Indian Cultural Society (ICS) last year, paying tribute to the North Indian festival celebrated by Hindus in India.


“I expect participants to have an enjoyable time during the event, which would differ their aura from assignments, studies and stress to an enjoyable, fun and memorable aura which would be a relieve for them,” Giri Rao Krishna, Organizing Chairperson of HOLIFEST2, said.

The event which will be held from 11 am to 3 pm this coming Saturday at Inti’s Plaza will be equipped with 1000KG worth of colored powder and is expected to bring in a total of 2000-2500 participants.

A powder cannon, the first of it’s kind, was imported for the event to upgrade the experience for participants, along with a variety of food trucks and vendors.

DJ Mastermind is one of three other DJs, who are yet to be revealed, set to be performing on the day.

Early bird tickets is RM15 per pax, which includes six packets of colored powder.


Visit their Facebook page by clicking here for tips for first time goers.

For more information regarding the event, please email or call 017-656 3594.


Food Truck Fest


The Mass Communication Society (MCS) of Inti International College Subang organized the Food Truck Fest (FTF) on Wednesday for students.

The event that was hosted at Inti’s Plaza from 10am to 4pm, was the first of a three day affair to be held until the 29th of April. Sharul Nizam, President of MCS, served as emcee.

Photo credits to Jian Chong’s Facebook page

Students Fiona Tan and Melissa Ong from the girl’s group, Precious entertained the crowd with several songs, followed by performances by Inti’s Dance Club members.

Julie Tan, a student, hoped to see more of these events in the future.

“The food trucks were great.”

Photo credits to Jian Chong’s Facebook page

Tongalicious, Gimme Haus Shelter and Balls of Fire were among the food trucks present today and will be back for day two and day three of the event.

“I’m looking forward to more crowds coming tomorrow and I hope the students enjoy the various foods and beverages from the trucks, ” Organizing Chairperson, Yek Yin Hui said

The second day of FTF will take place at Inti’s driveway at the same time, with more performances lined up at 12pm and 2pm.

Yuna sings at INTI Subang


By Kelly Anissa

Celebrity singer songwriter Yuna drew a large crowd today when she performed at a student organized event in Inti College Subang.

Some of Yuna’s hit songs such as “Lullaby”, “Rescue” and also a cover of Drakes “ We’re Going Home”, were amongst the setlist of the performance.

Fiction 21 is a three day event that will run until the 19th of November. The event was organized to expose students to the mass communication industry under a fun yet professional environment.

The first day saw nine contestants speaking on stage for an open mic session, giving their thoughts on various topics related to the media.

The third day will feature performances by Bil Musa, Daiyan Trisha and Thomas and Jack.

The event kicked off with a welcoming speech from Ms.Irene Wong, followed by another speech by Justin Wong, the organizing chairperson of Fiction 21.

The event was officiated by Ms.Tan Ling Ling, who gave a brief speech and presented the opening video.

Being involved in such an event like Fiction 21 for the first time, Yuna believes social media has become a part and parcel of daily life. She says that it is important to try and create awareness and teach people how to fully utilize it.

“Whether in politics, economics or in the entertainment field like myself, it’s important to be responsible with the information that you get and how you convey it,” she said.

Yuna states that having events such as Fiction 21 is a good way to educate people on the importance of the media and how it can attract people to look into the media perspective of everything else.

“If you’re getting into media, you have a certain responsibility,” Yuna said.

Tomorrow will feature workshops by the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF) and Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).

A mini carnival will run simultaneous to the event with food, drinks and games. While entrance to the workshops and performances will be free of charge, coupons to the mini carnival will have to be purchased at the counter.

Fiction 21 is open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm on the 17th 18th and 19th Nov.

For further details and updates, please visit Fiction 21’s Facebook page.

Yuna, Thomas and Jack, to perform at Inti College Subang.


By Kelly Anissa

Yuna, Thomas and Jack, and other local acts are set to perform at Inti International College Subang for a student organized event.

The three day event, Fiction21, is geared towards informing and educating students about mass communication and 21st century media.

Yuna, Thomas and Jack, Daiyan Trisha and Bil Musa have been invited to perform for the attendees of the function.

Local Youtube personality, The MingThing, will also be there to sell kendamas to guests.

Organizers also invited several industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields to talk of their professions and give students insight into their careers.

Astro Awani and RTM representatives will be among those who will be speaking to the audience.

The second day will see a celebration of Inti Idol’s success, in collaboration with MPH.

Inti Idol, an assignment by students on physically disabled entrepreneurs, is due to be published into a book.

A mini carnival will run simultaneous to the event with food, drinks and games. While entrance to the workshops and performances will be free of charge, coupons to the mini carnival will have to be purchased at the counter.

Fiction 21 will be open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm on the 17th 18th and 19th Nov.

For more enquiries, visit Fiction 21’s Facebook page.