Interracial 101: What Not to Say


Racially ambiguous. Ethnically mysterious. Curiously racialized.

These are the terms used nowadays to refer or explain interracial. To be specific, interracial is a combination of two or more races.

As an interracial myself—Malay mixed with Indian, by the way—I know that navigating through life can be confusing. Life is already difficult on its own, without outside factors contributing in, such as racism. Living as an interracial can also get tiring when these curious non-interracial tend to ask you the same question every single time.

To the non-interracial, I know that meeting an interracial for the first time can be quite an experience and you’d have lots of questions running through your head as your curiosity gets the best of you. It’s totally okay, trust me. And it’s not your fault that you have all these questions. We understand that your questions don’t come from hatred but rather lack of understanding.

But, sometimes, we interracial just get tired of listening to the same question every single time and having to explain it repeatedly.

Take a read at the curiosities that we interracial usually get asked with and hopefully some of them can answer yours.

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Opinion: Friendship

IMG-20170418-WA0043Friendship plays a huge part in our lives, isn’t it? How huge could it get?

Every single human being needs at least one friend by their side; Nowadays’ generation has become broader that everyone has friends even from overseas. Technology has taken over everything now that we can’t even go a day without talking to at least one person.

Precisely, the actual meaning of friendship is a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations or simply the relationship between friends is called friendship but let’s be practical guys.

What is true friendship anyway? Having someone you’ll greet everyday forcefully, could that be considered as a friendship? NOPE! True friendship has a deep meaning.

Let’s all get sink deeper into this topic since it might be harrowing yet not forgetting that it might as well reveal out the tremendous sides of friendship.

A true friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and grabs a vital spot in your heart. You clearly wouldn’t doubt yourself when it comes to sharing your personal issues with them, or expecting them to keep something to themselves about you.

An ice cream date with my best friend

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My 2017’s birthday celebration

Social media, hmmm, what pops up in your mind when you hear the word ‘social media’? Nobody could ever deny the fact that words such as likes, comments, views, pictures, videos, stories, messages and so on are what actually pop up in our heads when we think about social media. Talking about it, what IS social media anyway?

Social media is a platform for websites and applications which are forms of electronic communication that enable users to create and share contents such as information, ideas, personal messages, videos and many other content to participate in social networking.

However, now that we know the actual meaning of social media, there are tons of users who still tend to misuse this wide capacity of social interaction. At times, it saddens to realize the fact that not everybody is faithful nor is aware of the consequences that may be faced but what can be done to improve this case?

If you’re reading this, go ahead and settle in because I’m about to point out my factual thoughts on so called perfect lives on social media.

(Drum roll…)

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Opinion: Instagram likes = Social Validation

Photos are rarely able to encompass the full essence of a person. How often have we made ourselves a visual judge of character?

How many of you guys have spent hours coming up with the perfect Instagram caption? Cracked our heads over the right photo or filter to put on that so-called candid laugh? Maybe shoved your phone in your best friend’s face and ask, “Should I post this? Which filter should I use?”

Maybe you’ve even spent hours finding the right photo or filter to match your feed, for that ‘aesthetic’ feel because you’re so ‘creative’?

Forgive me if I sound a tad sarcastic. That’s because I am.

As a fellow millennial, of the perfect age to have millions of followers on Instagram and be a ‘social media model’, I’m frankly amazed by the unrealistic and borderline impossible expectations shoved down our throats by our fellow millennials.

Long, luscious hair, clear, flawless skin with not a pore in sight, a washboard flat stomach or a perfectly toned 6 pack with matching biceps, a designer wardrobe, sexy photos, or the perfect smile or pout seems to be the standard requirement to be anybody on Instagram.

If you’re just another Plain Jane or John Doe, forget your dreams of social media superstardom.

It’s not even the less tech-savvy older generations forcing us to project the perfect image of youthful joy and carelessness associated with your so-called ‘golden years’, but it’s your friends.

Because those who say retirement is the golden era is lying – everyone still living and breathing knows the world is now obsessed with your teens or early 20s years, years that you should be celebrating and spending by partying and drinking your nights (and days away) with equally attractive youths.

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