Ever experienced an awkward encounter at a wedding where you were forced into a conversation with a weird relative or with an aunt you didn’t even know you were related to?

When the sense of awkwardness heightens, you don’t know anyone there and everyone simultaneously gets on their phones just to steer away from it all? No bulletproof plan can save you from the horror that awaits.

I’m not one to judge, I myself, have been part of countless awkward interactions but at some point, you have no choice but to push through it. When you go to a wedding, you’ll meet some interesting people.

Like the aunties and uncles who have no boundaries whatsoever and will bombard you with questions about anything and everything that goes on in your life such as “Boy you got girlfriend ah?” or “What’s your SPM results?”, even if you have already told them before that you graduated 2 years ago.

So, instead of responding to their ridiculous questions, you smile and nod in hopes that whatever you say or do will not backfire.

I understand the struggle.

Here’s another thing that can make a perfectly uncomfortable situation even more uncomfortable. People who think they have ’eaten’ more salt like to think that we teenagers should associate with other teenagers especially if two or more are of the same age.

Hence, we are automatically expected to make conversation or “small talk” *cue awkward silence*. Now, you’re at a table with strangers who are obviously uncomfortable with the entire situation as your families continue chatting amongst themselves.

That’s when the paranoia kicks in, asking yourself absurd questions like “What should I say?”, “Should I ask her what kind of music she listens to?” “What if she doesn’t listen to 5sos?”. The list goes on and on.

Now, let’s move on to a couple of people who you will definitely come across at a wedding. You’re either one of them or you know someone who is.


  1. Etiquette Enthusiasts.

Kind, sweet and nice. The sincerest type of people to exist in this world. They go to weddings simply because they’re eager to go for a friend or a family member or for no reason at all. No hidden agendas with these guys.



  1. The Kenduri Vultures.

I know, it’s a catchy nickname.

They are EVERYWHERE. There’s always that one person or a group of people who only go to weddings for the food and nothing but the food. They probably only know one or two people there but their main priority is the food.

Not the wedding or the bride and groom. They lurk their way through any food they can get their hands on.

But, who am I kidding? Wedding food is delicious.



  1. The Hostage.

Basically, these people are the ones who are forced to go to weddings by their parents for the sake of family’s honour or by a friend who doesn’t want to suffer alone and since you don’t want to come off as impolite, you have no choice but to accept the invitation. You can say that they are like the ‘Etiquette Enthusiasts’. The only difference is, they’re not so keen on the idea.



This is what people of our generation lack, there is no proper way for us to interact anymore.

Instead of saying, “Hey, thanks for inviting me.” we say, “Eh do you have wi-fi?”

Awkward situations can happen at any given time, nevertheless we must at least try to communicate with others no matter how weird it may get. Connecting with people not only on a virtual level but also in real life is extremely important. So, take some time off your electronic gadgets and start having conversations with your mouth and not your fingers.

Written by Leah



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