IMG-20170418-WA0043Friendship plays a huge part in our lives, isn’t it? How huge could it get?

Every single human being needs at least one friend by their side; Nowadays’ generation has become broader that everyone has friends even from overseas. Technology has taken over everything now that we can’t even go a day without talking to at least one person.

Precisely, the actual meaning of friendship is a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations or simply the relationship between friends is called friendship but let’s be practical guys.

What is true friendship anyway? Having someone you’ll greet everyday forcefully, could that be considered as a friendship? NOPE! True friendship has a deep meaning.

Let’s all get sink deeper into this topic since it might be harrowing yet not forgetting that it might as well reveal out the tremendous sides of friendship.

A true friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and grabs a vital spot in your heart. You clearly wouldn’t doubt yourself when it comes to sharing your personal issues with them, or expecting them to keep something to themselves about you.

An ice cream date with my best friend

Besides that, what is the purpose of us having friends anyway? People say it is very important to have friends but what is the main reason??? Everybody knows that life is never easy.

Like it or not, all of us are pushed to ride this so called roller coaster ride in our lives. Coming back to the point, all of us go through ups and downs but to be emotionally stable, we do need some support from a certain people in aid to get over our personal issues quickly.

True friendship is when someone who reaches out for you just to make sure or assure that you’ll get yourself back to normal after shutting everything down, pushing things around you away, screaming in pain, suffering to breathe, falling down on the floor, curling up and cryingat 3AM when you’re depressed about something.


Seeing how much of a strong attachment friendship could be to us, which was why I mentioned earlier that friendship does plays a huge part in our lives because no one could ever hide the fact that we could just eventually breakdown when a friendship becomes a nightmare…

In other words, friendship is a commitment of two individuals who negotiate the boundaries in a relationship and tries to sustain the bond between the two individuals who are known as friends.

In this case, there are a bunch of people who would like to take other people for granted just to achieve their certain specific targets to get something they’d want to have. Selfish people I meant.

Now, these types of people are the ones for why the beauty of a friendship is being destroyed.

Isn’t it sad to know when you find someone really nice and fascinating that you wouldn’t hesitate to share about anything to them, but somehow they just break your heart into pieces because you never expected them to betray you?

I know. I know how it feels. It’s a hellish kind of feeling to be honest. In spite of the pain, we all know how it feels like yet there are people out there who still surprisingly choose to be idiots.

However, finding a true friend is quite hard in this generation because not everyone is loyal at your back. When someone is nice to you to your face, do not get fooled assuming they’re a good friend.

It is also important to make sure they vouch for you, the same way they do right in front of you, when you’re not around as well.

“A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

– Aristotle

It’s a popular quote we all have heard before but yes, finding a true friend is similar to finding a priceless treasure. This is because not everybody is going to be faithful to you. Therefore, we need to be wise in picking and allowing the right friends into our lives because they’d impact our lives a lot as well.



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