My 2017’s birthday celebration

Social media, hmmm, what pops up in your mind when you hear the word ‘social media’? Nobody could ever deny the fact that words such as likes, comments, views, pictures, videos, stories, messages and so on are what actually pop up in our heads when we think about social media. Talking about it, what IS social media anyway?

Social media is a platform for websites and applications which are forms of electronic communication that enable users to create and share contents such as information, ideas, personal messages, videos and many other content to participate in social networking.

However, now that we know the actual meaning of social media, there are tons of users who still tend to misuse this wide capacity of social interaction. At times, it saddens to realize the fact that not everybody is faithful nor is aware of the consequences that may be faced but what can be done to improve this case?

If you’re reading this, go ahead and settle in because I’m about to point out my factual thoughts on so called perfect lives on social media.

(Drum roll…)

Before I even start off anything, let me give an example of how much of an influence social media could bring to one person, which could lead a person to feel enthusiastic to share something on this platform.

When you get a new dress, are you excited enough for pictures? Do you bug anyone to get them to take pictures of you? How about your friends who own a phone with a good camera quality like iPhones?

iPhones are everyone’s favourite modern gadget. The camera quality is just simply amazing isn’t it? The photos don’t even require filters or edits because of the quality itself. This is one of the reasons why teenagers nowadays are keep pestering their parents to get them an iPhone.

Well, coming back to the example I was giving, in first place why does someone even get excited about posting pictures with the dress that they bought from Dorothy Perkins or H&M?

Why the need of such instant thoughts of wanting people to know you bought a new dress from a store? Could we say that all these are the tricks of the main game called social media or is it just us?


Admit it! We all get obsessed with posting real life events on Instagram, Facebook or whatsoever social media that you have on your device except for some, they don’t really prefer to share anything on social networks, because the purpose of them using this platform may be just to keep in touch with people and friends who live miles away or even if they share something, it isn’t much.

Now in this case, crucially, people who are older tend to not post much on their social media, also can be due to inundate of work in real life which would keep them occupied which is why they usually have insufficient time to spend on social media.

Besides that, how many of us compulsively get the urge of posting about an event immediately on social media to show the world what you’re doing or what you’re experiencing?

To be honest, millions actually because in this modern era, people might think you’re just lying about going to London for your holidays nor even meeting celebrities there or even having a lunch with them. Pictures and selfies are a must or it didn’t happen, that’s what people would assume as so you show in order to prove them you’re enjoying life like nobody’s business.

My day out with my primary schoolmates

However, people would still make assumptions if you stop posting photos, videos or anything regarding your real life events. When I say assumptions, I mean assumptions like they would assume you are no longer enjoying your life or something is wrong over there which is why you are not being able enough to post anything anymore. In some cases, this assumption may be true but somehow at times, it could also mean that they’re just simply busy with life that they don’t get to catch up some time for social media.

The question here to the ones who constantly posts about their real life events like hanging out with their friends, going on a vacation and more on their social media, I actually wonder if they arrange such meet ups or any reunion with friends, is it because they miss being with them or they just want to show the world that they’re having a good time with their friends?

To be legit, all of us fancy bragging about our real life events on social media that we get ourselves involved in too much that we get our focus on social media. Making the likes, comments and views as our priorities nowadays but one should be aware of the beautiful life ahead out of this social media which should be considered.

What is more saddening is that life gets to turn into a competition where people judge you on how many likes or followers you get on your social account.

On the other hand, people do judge other people’s lives like if you don’t post any interesting pictures – that expensive meal you had at a shopping mall, travelling images and so on, you can be claimed as a boring person who has a boring life as well.

One of the dishes at The Manhattan’s Fish Market

No. This is not true. Many people fail to understand this fact and they do underestimate as well. To be honest, the people who have less likes on their pictures on social media, they’re the ones who have more likes towards their personality. The couples who don’t really post about their sweet dates or cute moments together, they’re the ones who are literally so much happier in life compared to the ones who simultaneously posts about their dates and shows off on news feeds.

Therefore, some people prefer not to brag about their real life events. They might even own a Lamborghini car but nobody knows about it, why? It’s because they don’t brag about their luxurious life on social media.

This proves that we should not just blindly believe whatever that is posted on social media and judge someone. Everyone’s life is not quite as perfect as they attempt to show online and appearances can be deceiving.

Finally, life is not only just about likes, comments and views. It’s about how further you could go to reach to the level of your satisfaction when you’re alive and how much experience in life you could get to gain and carry within yourself to the graveyard when you’re no longer breathing anymore.

The first new friends I made on the orientation when I joined INTI College Subang

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