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Disclaimer: This article was written early in February but was not published in time. We apologise for the lateness of this article… (but it can always be CNY in our hearts, right?)


Assignments, consignments, both also need to deliver right? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one struggling with short sem:

Dear Sarah,

How do I manage my time with assignments and holiday for this upcoming CNY break? – Q


Dear Q,

We all know CNY can be one of the busiest times of your life, whether you’re in the kitchen helping out or being a zombie in the living room. Not to mention the auntie uncles that keep asking the same questions:

Eat too much, fat ady! Eat too little, thin ady! Why you no boyfriend? When you graduate? What course you doing? (eh auntie pls, told you 100 times ady ok)

But don’t worry ok? Sarah will not be writing to you unless she has the solution. Simply stuff your auntie uncle with pineapple tarts and prawn crackers, then you can do your assignments in peace and serenity…


Here are some tips on organising your busy, busy schedules:

  • The most plain but effective way is to keep and follow your timetable. Once you obey your timetable daily, it will turn into a routine and finishing your tasks would be a piece of cake.
  • Always keep lists to keep yourself informed or keep track with stuff that you’ve done. (it can be to do lists or lists on quotes to keep you going and motivated). You can always plan your day as the day goes, that’s why your phone has the reminder app!
  • Always, always PRIORITISE!!!! A tip that I learned back in high school from a teacher was she would advise us to get a piece of paper and split it into four sections. Labelling them as most important (need), important (need), average (want) and not a priority (want). But, of course, you can always label them however you want.

And of course:

  • Never ever, ever be last minute. You will rush it and things will be far from your own definition of perfect. Worst part? You’ll be extra cranky, spoiling everyone else’s mood as well.
  • Always focus and complete one thing before rushing into another task.
  • Finally, as cheesy as this may sound, always be optimistic. Find the light at the end of the tunnel, find the one good thing about your task at hand, so you’ll enjoy it and also will be able to complete it at a faster rate.

Also remember, never ever procrastinate!


Dear Sarah!

How do I manage my time when there is a lot assignment to do? – T


Dear T,

Eh dear… Why are you asking me questions when you could be doing your assignment? Nvm, Sarah will help you. Listen, you should go to your room and do this: (1) get a piece of paper, (2) get a pen, (3) write letter to your lecturer saying you are dropping the class.

Just kidding. The key to doing your assignments is actually one neat, simple trick:


Repeat after me: JUST DO IT!

Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful. Here are some tips that I use on finding an environment conducive to study or how to get into a studying/ working state of mind

  • Personally, I always make a friend or sibling keep my phone when I know I want to study. (We all know for a fact that switching your phone off doesn’t help. Don’t lie to yourself)
  • Study groups are always the best. Your friends can always help you, and it’s always more entertaining when there is company. You guys can interact and ask questions to make studying less bland. They also ensure that your hands are away from your phones at all times. (Refer to first tip)
  • A perfect place to study are definitely coffee shops. If you didn’t know about it, well, now you do. The newly renovated Starbucks is equipped with a plug point at every indoor table. So now you can charge your laptop or phones or tablets and do your work online as well. And also, treat yourself with some good coffee.
  • However, coffee shops tend to play music sometimes, all the time actually. The occasional pop songs might not be your cup of tea (pun intended). So, always remember before leaving your house, bring your earphones along and plug onto your own Spotify and listen to your own chill, jazzy music.

P/s: Sometimes the crowds at coffee shops talk a little too loud. And there should be NO distractions during your study hour.

OK! That’s all for this week. If you have anymore questions for Sarah, just ask me here at this link:

Photography by @viktortey

Modeled by @zhingyi



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