If you’re an INTI student, then there’s a huge likelihood that you’ve passed by the 3-days exhibition happening at the car porch and driveway which was organised by INTI’s very own Chinese Cultural Society. Lots of attractions and performances were on site to help entice the crowd to flood in.

A few CCS members seen hanging in front of banner

Amazing performances from various of clubs, such as iChoir, INTI Dance Club and Civil Engineering Club, as well as INTI students, were presented throughout the exhibition with the purpose of captivating the audiences’ attentions (which definitely did their job, if I do say so myself).

Performance by INTI Dance Club
Some beat boxing going on here
INTIans were definitely captivated

The exhibition wouldn’t be complete without street vendors and food trucks, would it? Over 20 street vendors were on site to make the environment seem even more festive! Foods, drinks, apparel, accessories, you name it, it’s all there.

(More photos ahead)

One of the apparel vendors that was on site
Welp, this looks interesting…
I see you wanting to try your luck. Heh. Heh.

Also, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, bouquets of flowers, delicious cupcakes and not to forget, a Street Cupid shooting its arrows was seen during the first day of the exhibition. The fact that DJs from MY FM was also present on the day was an absolute bonus. Romance-themed songs were performed on the day as well, which definitely helped set the mood in.

Is it just me or do they have chemistry?
Look at that mouth-watering patisserie. Yum!

Exciting activities were done throughout the whole day and free gifts were distributed to lucky students. All in all, it was a pretty successful event for CCS.

P/S: Here’s a quick promo for you readers.


CCS is throwing yet another event this Saturday! Lots of fun games, exciting activities and amazing performances will be showcased. If that doesn’t interest you, then I’m sure the appearances of guest celebrities will. Come and show your support!



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