Leo Club IICS Metro recently pulled off a huge water balloon fight on the Block A plaza of our campus. Also if you were on campus yesterday, you might have run into the members of INTIMA who were dressed in traditional Chinese New Year costumes and handing out free oranges!

According to a Leo facilitator, preparation began as early as 2pm Wednesday, which includes briefing the helpers, facilitators, and game masters, dealing with last minute problems. Facilitators also had to prepare a pool and fill it up with several buckets of water balloons. You’d wish you were here!

Registrants receive food, entry, and an event t-shirt, all inclusive in the RM10 fee.

Shahrul Nizham from MCS and INTIMA President Alfred Phua
Facilitator filling up the portable pool with water balloons
Innocent-looking little hydro-bombs just floating around
Participants are split into teams via colored ribbons

The event was named Science of The Stars, and the theme revolves around the constellations of horoscopes, each game station being a different constellation and horoscope with games presumably representing characteristics of each sign.

More than 120 students registered, and nearly a hundred participated in a night of bucket-dunking, ball-throwing, worm-handling, puzzle-solving, balloon-carrying, hide-and-seeking, charade-guessing, ice-breaking, blindfold-wearing, limb-twisting fun. Participants were split into teams via colored ribbons.

Their objective: to race around campus completing tasks that demand teamwork and coordination. Teams collect points from each station which are added to their total score.

Everyone just can’t wait for the games to begin!
Leo helpers Cain and Batrisyia at the registration desk
Only INTI students can look this fabulous on the job!

With ten different game stations, teams raced against one another for points and also against the clock. Winners get a hamper and runner up gets passes to funtopia, while the last team would be splashed with ice cold water. Registration began at 6.30pm for participants, and the event began at 7.45 sharp.

The night begins with an ice-breaking session where participants get to know each other’s names, reinforced by ice cold water (better to call it an ice-dunking session). I nearly got hit too! After being soaked, teams immediately got dispatched towards their first game stations and the race is on. I followed team ‘Black Hole’ to see what the gamemasters had in store for them…

This game is called Cardboard twister… But looks more like Cardboard Yoga
Cardboard Bridge: Lots of hugging required
Jack is the facilitator for team ‘Black Hole’. Each team has a facilitator to lead them

Fear Factor: find 10 coins inside this box (but what else is inside?)
“Oh no, something feels alive in here…”
Cupstack: make a pyramid with the cups but you’re not allowed to use your hands!
Playing charades: Guess what word the person is acting out
“What is he doing?” “I dunno… don’t ask me…”
Roti canai? Telur mata?
Unicorn? Rabbit? Bull?
Teammates have to squeeze their brains for this one…


When someone finally gets the word right!
Piece of cake! What’s the next station?


Mystery room: Find three cards in the dark and solve the number riddles
Perfect Square: All members are blindfolded and have to form a square from a circle
Two team compete head to head in Captain ball at the plaza

The games ended at 10.30pm with prizes being awarded to the winning and runner-up teams. The last team narrowly avoided being splashed but not for long! Water balloons started flying through the air like bombs, and dance music played throughout the afterparty which ended around 11.45pm. Both facilitators and participants could be seen having tons of fun at this once-a-year, one-of-a-kind event by Leo Club.

Well done, Leo club of IICS Metro!
Lots of happy faces among the participants
Leo helper ready to get this party started
Cheeky photobomb on the right side

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