Good morning readers, I’ll assume most of you are already celebrating the year of the Rooster in your homes and surrounded by family. For those who are not, I express my regrets. Seriously though, pick up some cookies and start celebrating.

I have a chicken joke for you: Knock Knock, who’s there? Cockadoodle. Cockadoodle who? Actually it’s cockadoodle-doo. Congratulations, you’re a failed chicken.

This Chicken New Year, spread some joy with the good news that we may soon be joined by some new ra- I mean faces this festive season. While Trump is clamping down hard on immigration policies, our pro-Rohingya administrator will be more than happy to accommodate the surplus.

Speaking of surplus, the new multi-million ringgit, multilevel carpark in SS15 is scheduled for completion on May 7th this year, and no sooner. Good riddance to double-parkers. It is expected to charge the same amount as the roadside parking meters, which is great. I once paid RM25 to park at Asia Cafe’s parking, and I’m never parking there again.

We have some special upcoming articles from our Food & Budgeting team to commemorate the Year of the Rooster here on Student Ink, do look out for it next week. In the meantime, enjoy your holidays and best wishes from the Student Ink team, and me, your faithful Editor.


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