Weeks of preparation have gone underway as the clubs and societies of INTI Subang get ready for INTIMA Week. For freshies, INTIMA Week = clubs & societies week, aka kokurikulum from sekolah menengah again. Yes, those days of standing in the sun and pretending to have fun are gone. Time to choose a club and go clubbing*!

*This editor is fond of puns (READ: wordplay)

There are 28 different clubs and societies in INTI Subang

For the benefit of all you freshies, here are some essential things you should know before stepping into the fray tomorrow:

Choosing a club


  • Pick a club according to your interest (music, writing, travel, videography etc.)
  • Pick something you’d like to learn (dancing, public speaking, organizing events)
  • Speak to the club representatives at the booths (they will be there from 10am to 4pm)
  • Remember that even if there is no club to match your specific interest, you can still benefit by joining an active and fun community i.e. an established club or society.


  • Immediately decide that clubs are not for you before giving it a shot
  • Be shy (this is also an opportunity to meet people!)
  • Hesitate to ask questions
  • Think of forming your own club (it’s not that simple!)

There are procedures to forming your own club which are quite complicated, and there are numerous cases of clubs that were newly formed and have strong membership on paper, but die off due to inactivity. RIP band club.

Do remember that you can join more than one club!

You may also be selected for committee positions right away, if you show the right attitude and skills. Therefore, follow these steps after you have joined any club(s):

  1. Take note of when and where the next meeting is taking place.
  2. Take down the contact information of someone attending the meeting (perhaps one of the people at the booth)
  3. Be there when the meeting happens!

Also, if you really ARE keen on forming your own club, make sure you join a club first in order to learn how paperwork* (yes, paperwork!*) and proposals work* for dealing with SSD, INTIMA, and vendors. You also need to learn how to get sponsorship for events, etc.

*Yes I said work thrice. So sue me. Work work work work work…

It takes a lot of HardWork™ to manage and run a club/society effectively. So learn from your seniors by being actively involved in the planning and execution stages of club events, participate, and don’t forget to think on your feet. In the classroom, you take notes. In events, you dive first and then learn how to breathe underwater.

So remember the steps, and if you’ve already forgotten them (you short-attention-span-millennial-you), here they are in a nutshell:

  1. Choose a club according to your passion and interest.

  2. Register at the booth.

  3. Ask questions.

  4. Think on your feet.

That’s it for now! Until next time, tune in to Student Ink for updates and important information regarding student life in INTI Subang.

If you are interested to join our team, please contact Viktor at 0162320972 or visit the Mass Comms Society’ booth between 10am-4pm during INTIMA Week (17th – 19th January)!



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