Letter from the Editor: Student Ink 2017

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants 

-Isaac Newton

Student Ink takes a stride into the beginning of yet another year, under new leadership.

It is with much fanfare that I hope to introduce to our current, and future audiences the exciting changes that are in this upcoming quarter:

First of all, simplification. From an initial 162 categories, we’ve slimmed down to just 5 important sections. This grants us the opportunity to refine, as well as improve ourselves as writers, and to benefit our readers with greater ease of mind while browsing. These sections are: Clubs & Societies, Editorial, Food & Budgeting, Social Events & Gatherings, and Student Welfare/Campus Life.

Secondly, a credible publication must have credible sources. With fake news on the rise, it is ever more critical to establish a network of trusted and reliable providers to give validity to the information we publish. It is my wish to maintain healthy relations with our channels and therefore establish our role as the dominant news outlet on campus.

Third, Twitter and Instagram and important avenues to explore for local as well as international reporting. Several years ago this would have been taken as a joke, but today every major news outlet understands the importance of following Twitter, where breaking news can happen at any moment. Instagram is still up and coming compared to Twitter, but is a popular tool among millennials and youth which cannot be underestimated. Social influencers on Instagram are already the prime targets of advertising agencies and marketing departments due to their high visibility.

Finally, I hope to pay respect to work of previous editors (Nelson Lim, Kelly Anissa, Izzat Tham, and Daniel Ibanez Lau), as well as that of the writers whom have made a significant contribution to the growing body of work that is Student Ink in its entirety. In my post as Director of Editorial for Student Ink, I hope to build on this existing legacy, as well as to make my own contribution to the history and culture of our campus at INTI International Colleges Subang.



Viktor, Editor of Student Ink

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