The Zombification Process

A piece by Loke J-Han

We all know that the start of the semester is the absolute worst. Having to wake up before the sun is up and pretend to pay attention in class.

Do you understand?
yes miss…*murmurs*”

We’ve all been there. Our minds fantasizing about the soft and comfortable beds at home and how wonderful it would be to sleep on the cold side of the pillow at that very moment. Sadly we have to deal with reality and begin the process of becoming a student again right after that wonderful holiday of sleeping in and getting fat. Here’s how you begin to turn into the walking dead.

1. The Cycle Begins

It’s back to waking up at 8 am or earlier, depending on traffic. You religiously set your alarm, and the 10 other back up alarms, before falling asleep, waking up, just trying to make it through the day, before going back to bed.
You just jump (or fall) back into the rhythm of being a student once again. You gotta do what you gotta do right?

2. Eye bags

“You okay mou?”
“Got sleep ah?”

Habislah. The horrid panda eyes begin to return after a week or two of trying to get that sleep schedule back on track. But it’s not all bad, at least now you get to play with makeup a little more.

3. Assignments

This one goes without saying. You find yourself searching for the motivation to mentally prepare yourself for all those nights that you’re about to sacrifice sleep for to do the assignment – only because you were too lazy to before.

4. Suddenly becoming super calculative

If I sleep now, I’ll have 6 hours

Don’t pretend you weren’t up all night watching re-runs of The Flash.

Of course going back to college isn’t all that bad. It gives you a reason to dress up every day, and go hangout at Asia Cafe for a nice cold drink on the deck after a long day. Not forgetting the lunch dates after 12 pm classes and those few occasions where you decide to ditch responsibilities and go somewhere nice (we’re not encouraging it of course, but those are the moments that make some good memories).

College, most people say, will be the greatest years of your life.

We say they’re going to be the worst, but with some of the greatest highlights.

If you think about it, we’re all just a bunch of 20 year olds, floundering about trying to figure things out – which if you payed close attention to, will realize it’s actually quite amusing to watch.


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