A piece by Izzat Tham

MCS during IICS Club and Society Week … From left: MCS President Kevin Tan with their comrades celebrating MCS 1st Birthday

Mass Communication Society (MCS) of INTI International College Subang Jaya (IICS) celebrated its 1st birthday, yesterday during the campus’s Clubs & Society Week.

The society was officially established on the 9th of September, 2014 with the intention to unify all the Mass Commers within IICS and with the objective to expose its members to the media industry and hands-on experience before venturing into the industry with the club’s specialisation in Radio (INTI FM), Tv Production (PITCHFORK), Event Management and PR skills (FLOORPLAN), and lastly – Journalistic Writing Skills (THE STUDENT INK).

According to Kevin Tan, President of MCS; he stated that IICS didn’t have a safe haven for all the Mass Commers during that period and the idea sprung out with the intention to get everyone together and at the same time, allows other students from various faculties to merge and connect.

“I had always wondered that how all these various schools and courses have their own unique and segmentised clubs where they can experience, experiment, and elaborate more about their studies specialisations and I earnestly wanted that for all Mass Commers: be it Diplomas or Degrees and of that sort,” he said.

IICS Clubs and Societies Week

In conjunction with that, this semester’s Clubs and Societies Week was organised by MCS with more than 20 participating Clubs and Society.

The president of MCS also expressed his gratitude that MCS was being chosen to organised such profound and exciting event of the semester as it’s always bright, vibrant, and filled with fun-packed performances.

“It is quite interesting to observe how we (clubs and societies) are still strong even without INTIMA on our side. Although it is not a big scale event, but being the organizer and having the chance to keep in touch with other clubs and societies made us feel closer to all of them. Personally, I feel each clubs and societies should take turns to organize this event. At least, we’ll get a taste of something new in every semester.”

MCS are always welcoming new members from all walks of courses and life. Interested individuals are encourage to drop by to their General Meeting. Details are provided below.

MCS General Meeting Particulars
MCS General Meeting Particulars

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