Dota 2 and the rise of the eSports scene in Malaysia

A piece by Russell Cheah


2 weeks ago, the 39th INTIMA of Inti International College Subang hosted the final match of the National Dota Championship (NDC 2015) here in Inti’s auditorium with a whooping ten thousand prize pool to be won by participants of the game.

An intense showdown between the two team finalists “who2bet” and “K2 | Apes” kept everyone who was viewing the event live in the auditorium on edge as both teams battled their hearts out with their excellent plays and strategies while countering each other with different skills by their heroes in game.

Alas, it was “K2 | Apes” that emerged victorious as the winners of the NDC 2015 here in Inti College Subang Jaya.
K2 Apes team captain Ahmad Nasiruddin Bin Nordin, described his victory against his opponents as one of the most challenging matches he has ever played and was very pleased with his team’s performance which resulted with them being victorious.

“From my point of view, it is very challenging as I think they are the best tier 2 team in Malaysia. They don’t have much games in the dotatv client meaning that we can’t study their play much but we did face against them before somewhere around 3-4 times and we study from there,” Nasiruddin said.

He also hopes that there will be more competitions like this in the future and hopes that the eSports scene in Malaysia will continue to grow and be known worldwide.

According to the O.C of the event, NDC 2015 was considered a huge success as there were no interruptions and it gained tons of support from outside companies such as Dell with its Alienware product and AVF who were one of the major sponsors for this tournament.

“In my opinion, the event wasn’t a huge success as there were a few draw backs as the crowd wasn’t as expected. But since this was the first eSport tournament that me and my team ever hosted, I personally think it’s a big success for us as we’re able to make sure that the things were smooth sailing, there were no interruption on the games and tons of support for the outside companies,” Jheston Yee, the organizing chairperson of NDC 2015 said.

When asked regarding whether the event was able to achieve its objective which was to bring awareness to the eSports scene in Malaysia and to promote eSports as something that is worth chasing for in the future for gamers out there, Jheston said,

“I think my initial objective was half achieved as we are able to provide platforms for upcoming gamers to grow their interest or to build a specific career path in the scene. But the set back that I personally felt was that our PR team was not strong enough to explode the event out to the public and thus having not much people from both the public and students know of such an event.”

“I think what really motivates me is that not just bringing the eSport scene into awareness, but personally to me, it’s like re-living the memories of the past. I grew up accompanied by these games and always fantasized to know what a grand arena is, or a major tournament would be like. So in a way, it’s like reviving my dreams from the past,” he said.

The rise of eSports both locally and internationally has grown rapidly as many youngsters are now seeking to play these games professionally to earn a career. Through competitions that offer high amount of prize pool, and sponsors looking for talented players to sponsor them to join a tournament with the hopes of them winning and bringing both individual and worldwide fame to the player and the sponsor.

“People need to know that technology is actually catching up to the world, you know without technology, we wouldn’t be here in the 21st century,” Jheston said.

“We really want to bring awareness to society especially to parents that eSports is no longer just a leisure time you know for gaming and stuff, you can actually find a career in eSports, in the 21st century.”


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