In LoL And In Reality, I’ll Support Him If He Carries Me

By Elizabeth Koh Featherbe

I would never forget the day,
When he first looked my way,
When we no longer had to pretend,
And we started being more than friends.

We crossed paths so unexpectedly,
What grew from then was our chemistry,
Yet neither made a confession,
For we feared the pain of rejection.

Until that one fateful day,
When a friend led us both to say,
Truth be told I’m crushing on you,
But wasn’t sure you’d like me too.

He made me feel like I was on cloud nine,
As though every day the sun would shine,
Every single thing he did for me,
Made me happier than I ever thought I’d be.

I’ll admit things have never been easy,
And I’m sure with that he will agree,
Many have tried to tear us apart,
Yet he’s still the one who holds my heart.

Whenever I see him laugh or smile,
I’m reminded that to me it’s all worthwhile,
Because with him I can be myself,
Without the need to act like someone else.

He became my best friend too along the way,
It’s an incredible feeling I must say,
To love someone who’s also your best friend,
One whom you wish you could love till the very end.

We both love Kingdom Hearts,
Another reason we are counterparts,
I know his loving insults and he knows mine,
Which is why I’d still pick him even if I went back in time.

No matter how hard things get,
There isn’t a moment I’m not glad we met,
Every day with him is an adventure,
One that I will always treasure.

Every single second with him I cherish,
More time with him is my biggest wish,
I know not what my future has in store,
But if he’s in it, I could not ask for more.

I’d want to support him whenever he carries,
Even if we’re ganked and it looks scary,
If with him I am meant to be,
When life ends I know I’d say GG.

Whenever I am in his embrace,
He makes me feel safe like back at base,
All these LoL references he’d understand,
Another reason he’s the one who holds my hand.

He’s the Stitch to my Angel.
He’s the Sora to my Kairi.
He’s the support to my carry.
He’s the carry to my support.

Whether in LoL or in reality,
I’ll support him if he carries me.


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