By Preshant Menon

Pictures are a great analogy to the human life. Photography filters are one of the many ways we communicate with others, in case you haven’t noticed already.We use it as a way to speak to others visually – by portraying what we are, and what we don’t want to be.

You are like a Photograph. Possibly a great idea, but usually a little rough around the edges, in need of some editing and polishing up. So you slap on a mask. Just like an Instagram filter.

Becoming a little brighter, a little more colorful, and a little more bearable.

It doesn’t matter what the original photograph was, for people will only see what you want to show them. You are the God of your own little world, deciding what needs to be put in sharp focus and what needs to be cropped out, thrown away into oblivion.

For the world, you are your mask, you are the filter that you chose to put on that day. The only people who know better, are those who saw you make and put on that mask. And they’re the ones you really really hate, or love like a crazed person.

Maybe it’s a bright and sunny day today, or an endless gloomy drizzle. Maybe today is the day your photograph needs your filter.

Or maybe you’ve already put on the mask and just waiting for this day to be over.

I’d say, let life be like a portrait, a canvas that has been glorified with oil.

Beauty lies within the canvas and not in the eyes of the viewer.


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