Mass Communication Society Organizes Photography Workshop For Students

By: Izham


SUBANG JAYA – The Mass Communication Society (MCS) of Inti International College Subang (IICS) organized a photography workshop for students in the new Hands On Hands Off (HOHO) installment.

Prakash Daniel, a street photographer gave a two hour talk to the 25 student attendees at the Mass Communication studio in IICS.

Prakash, who has a 10 year experience in the field gave students tutorials on lighting and plastics to get different effects in a photograph.


“It was amazing! He taught us how to create effects like those green-ish, yellow-ish hipstermatic effects,” Tabitha Ban, an attendee said.

Besides photography, Prakash spends his time on stand up comedy and being a Youtuber.

The event was organized by MCS’s event management division, Floorplan. This would be the third HOHO event organized by the team, led by Loke J-Han.


Sweet Tooth, a home stationed bakery sponsored the event with treats for the guests and speaker. For more information, visit @SweetToothMsia on Instagram.


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