By Izzat Tham and Neo Jo-Anne

Picture taken by Tabitha Jia Tsin
A mixture of activities

SUBANG JAYA: Student based society Mass Communication Society (MCS) established in 2014 held their first ever three day fundraiser, running from the 2nd to the 4th of March, yesterday at Inti International College Subang Jaya (IICS) campus.

The three day affair was held as an initiative to raise funds for the society’s upcoming activities prepared for the next semester.

“Since the exams are around the corner, we’re going to cheer ’em up and make them feel a little “bubbly” and take the stress cap off of their head, even just for a little while – that’s why we’ve prepared various activities, merchandise, posters, badges and many more which revolves around the elements of laid back and take it easy,” President of MCS, Kevin Tan said.

The event management division, Floorplan, is led by division president, Loke J-Han and was the organizer behind the three day event.

Kevin also stated that besides the obvious financial benefits of the fundraiser, it was also another way of bridging the gap between all members and to give an opportunity to the event management team in MCS to showcase their capabilities.

The fundraiser included various activities and booths such as, a book booth, customized badges, a bubble booth, Tarot reading, song requests and a customized posters booth, to name a few.

For more information regarding MCS, individuals are encourage to visit the Mass Communication Society Facebook page


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