By Kelly Anissa

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I’ve been to Taipan countless times before, mostly for some good ole’ Yong Tau Fu and almost every single time, I find myself overlooking the same shop, The Carpenter’s Daughter (TCD), just as I’m about to take my first bite. Such a curious name, isn’t it ? Especially when you realize it’s a bakery ! However, curiosity wasn’t exactly what landed me in there, but a friend who works at TCD itself.


The tiny bakery cafe’s cozy and warm atmosphere immediately won me over. The workers were friendly and the smell of  freshly baked cakes, breads and cookies that filled the air added to the homely feel.

The Carpenter’s Daughter is owned by Miss Jin. When asked about the story behind the name, she said it’s because she is indeed, a daughter of a carpenter.

“That aside, I find that the carpentering work and baking has a lot of similarities,” Jin said. “There’s a lot of passion involved in it and a lot of details”.

For now, they are only available in Taipan, Subang Jaya and any future branches will be put on hold while they further develop their current outlet.

Their menu consists of both Western and Asian cuisines. There are pizzas, pastas, soups and even pies, fresh from the kitchen. Their signature dish – Mee Suah with chicken and rice wine, is something very close to Jin’s heart as it was something her mother used to cook for her growing up.

For the time being, TCD does not have a halal certificate but their suppliers are all halal certified. The only two dishes on the menu that contains alcohol is the Tiramisu and their signature Mee Suah dish, as mentioned above.

On what makes the place special, Jin says its their combination of western and local dishes. They are also one of the very few in the Klang Valley who make their own sourdough from scratch!

As for their workers, at least 95% of them are Malaysian and Jin encourages more college students to come and apply for a job there for a learning experience.

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Loke J-Han, one of the part-timers has nothing but postive things to say about working at the bakery cafe.

“Working here is a lot of fun because you come in with almost no experience and you can leave with some knowledge on coffee, breads and deserts, ” he said. “Miss J is the best because she allows us to have very flexible working hours. ”

One of their specialties are the organic breads, which was described as “amazingly chewy and nice to snack on” . There is also a variety of sourdoughs, one of their bestsellers. As for the delectable cakes, all the ingredients are also organic! Who said healthy deserts can’t taste just as sinful?


My personal favorite would have to be their brownies. If you love your chocolates as much as I do, then you will certainly enjoy this as a snack. If all of these aren’t enough to convince you to go pay a little visit to The Carpenter’s Daughter, I don’t know what is.


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