By Russell Anissa


INTI students gathered together today to celebrate their academic achievements at the Deans list awards ceremony in Inti International College Subang (IICS).

The ceremony was held to commemorate students who were successful in achieving a 3.5 GPA and above. For those who scored a 4.0 GPA, they got into the President’s honor roll instead.

Roughly 200 students, clad in formalwear, started registering at 2.00 pm and then proceeded to the White Room to wait. The ceremony commenced at 4 pm, after a group photography session of those receiving the award.

Most parents of the recipients came to support their sons and daughters and were seated in the auditorium. Students receiving the award sat in the adjacent hall and watched the ceremony via live streaming through a projector.

Recipients waiting in the adjacent room.
Recipients waiting in the adjacent room.

The ceremony brought about mixed emotions for some, from anxiety to excitement.

“I felt excited because I haven’t experienced a ceremony like this in college before, it’s a lot grander compared to award ceremonies back in school,” Mass Communication student Elizabeth Featherbe said.

“I’m actually really grateful they planned an entire event just to show acknowledgment,” Chloe Lee, a first time recipient said.

Another student, Putra Shazwan said that this is a good way for Inti to show support for their students and this makes them strive to achieve more academic success.

Some students however, were surprised when they found that Inti had invited their previous high school principals to the event, followed by another photography session with them after the ceremony.

“I did not expect them to invite our ex-principals, but I’m glad they did,” Kelly Anissa, another recipient said.

When the ceremony was finalized, parents and students were invited into the adjacent hall to enjoy some refreshments and drinks before they dispersed.


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