IICS’s First official Mass Communication Society General Meeting

Poster of the general meeting

by: Russell Felix Cheah

SUBANG JAYA: Students of Inti International College Subang Jaya (IICS) gathered together yesterday to kick off its first official Mass Comm Society general meeting.

MCS, also known as Mass Comm Society has four divisions which consists of Strategic communications, Radio, Journalism, TV and photography. All of which are under the supervision of Kevin Tan, the president of MCS.

The general meeting was held in a classroom with Kevin Tan alongside Izham who both presented the mission and goals as well as the concept and idea of MCS to students and lecturers who attended the meeting.

Kevin Tan, the organizer of MCS said: “The mission of MCS is to allow students to learn and use media related skills on a bigger and more realistic scale, and to also emulate a proper working environment,”

“We also aim to make MCS the ideal place for IICS students to showcase their skills to the public,”

All four divisions of MCS have their own Presidents and committees to represent their respective division. Some slots are currently still available for students who wish to prove their worth in taking responsibility in managing the open positions at the moment.

IICS’s Journalism Club officially released its first news article online on their webpage thestudentinkinti.wordpress.com which garnered over 400 views in one day and to date, the website has been viewed over 4000 times.

The journalism division, in conjunction with the Radio division, shares storyboards and scripts on news and entertainment as well as promoting themselves as a new active and running society in Inti here.

Putra Syazwan, the president of the Radio division of MCS reviews the script submitted by IICS’s Journalism club who then pitches the script to the committee of DJ’s and producers in producing the show.

IICS’s Radio division also officially launched its first pre-recorded show last week that is broadcasted throughout Inti.

The other two divisions are expected to officially begin their meetings after this week.

MCS aims to establish itself as one of the more prominent clubs in Inti as well as to ensure that all MCS divisions are well renowned among the students of IICS and Subang Jaya committee.

For more enquires regarding IICS’s MCS club, kindly contact Kevin Tan, the president of MCS for further details at 012-7222376.


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