SS19 to Organize Community Cleanliness and Safety Campaign

by: Russell Felix Cheah

From ‘ulu’ area to ideal neighbourhood

SUBANG JAYA- Residents of SS19 / 5 are starting an unofficial community-based group with the twin objectives of keeping SS19 safe and clean.

The organizers in charge have had a few meetings and have visited Selangor speaker Hannah Yeoh’s office for guidance and clarifications on what they could do as a community.

 Some progress such as basic cleaning up on drains and the surroundings at the basketball court and the empty strip of land next to the school has been made by the unofficial community-based group.

Terry Leong, the organizer in charge of the group noted that: “We recognize more needs to be done in the months ahead and hopefully by then we would have more members that are willing to join our community to help keep our area clean and safe.”

 “We also decided that we need to hear from our neighbours their views on these two matters. And have therefore provided a simple questionnaire that is designed to capture your views to provide the feedback for us to plan and work on it,” He said.

A college student who is renting a house in SS19 also supported the idea of a community cleanliness campaign to boost the image as well as keeping the area clean and safe for all residents staying in SS19.

Chung Chien noted that: “I think it is a great idea to start a cleanliness campaign like this, the people around will feel comfortable with their surroundings and will feel proud of their achievement of keeping the area clean.”

“Even though I do not live here but if it does well for the cleanliness of my area around me, I am willing to help out.”

For nearby residents willing to help out, the group has created a Facebook page named “SS19.5 Community”


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