Minecraft Review

by: Loke J-Han

The Minecraft Logo

Minecraft is a game that allows the players imaginations to be used to its fullest extent while also being a challenging and addictive game that manages to keep its players stuck to the screens of their consoles or computers for hours on end.

Minecraft is an amazing game, most would say at least. This simple looking sandbox independent video game was created by a Swedish programmer most know as “Notch” and was later developed by the company Mojang. The game was released in 2009 and has been up running and only getting better but enough of the boring news and on to the more interesting things. What can we do in it?

This game is a massive sandbox of potential. Since it was released there have been only more and more updates to it ranging from developing new chemicals to domesticating wild animals and creating new mechanical inventions.

Its simple graphics of textured 3D cubes may be a turn off for most gamers now with the advancements of graphics but those who know the game will say that the simplicity of it is the best part! While the developers are not worrying about the graphics they can focus so much more on the mechanics of the game.

The aim of the game is for a player to take full advantage of Minecrafts capabilities to show off their creative building block prowess. So much so that entire countries have been made out of these building blocks.

When you start off in the game you have literally nothing but your hands. Most players will start off by building a shelter and creating tools because when night falls, the creeps come out. Some of the most common would be zombies, skeletons and ‘creepers’. These simple block looking monsters are the most terrifying things ever. It’s not how they look but really how they sound. There’s that horrid moan from the zombies and then the rattle of the skeletons. The best part is when players are trying to sleep at night and you can hear them right outside rattling and moaning away.

Some of the monsters you’ll meet in the game

The biggest turn on for most people was the freedom inside the game itself. The generator for the game makes so much for the players to explore. At first look it doesn’t seem like much but when you start mining down into the ground you find that indeed some stones are better left unturned. At a certain level of blocks downwards you will begin to find dungeons, chasms and new ores that let you make more intricate inventions.

One of the Hunger Games Maps

The game also allows players to create their own servers. Many players will have their custom servers with their own personalized texture packs and even stories. Lots of Youtube artists have been playing these ‘arcs’ that were all made by independent players. Some of the most played were the Hunger Games. Yes! It’s true! The flexibility of the server making allows so many players to create these maps with amazingly different concepts and the amount of time building the blocks and designing the mechanisms in insane. Dedicated Minecraft players put hours into the game but their work is amazing. The game tests your creativity as well as architecture skills.

The Golden City built by one of the players

While the game has some very great strengths, it does have its share of shortcomings and one of them was that the game was a pay to play and it costs 26.95USD. To us outside of the US it is quite pricey and many aren’t willing to pay that much. The payment methods are also limited. Because of that many players have also turned to private servers where they needn’t buy the game and can play for free. Having that option is fine but it also limits their accessibility greatly. Only paid accounts are able to enter chosen servers and most of the time those servers are the more intricately made ones.

Another thing is that some multiplayer servers can be overwhelming. Newcomers to servers are often snapped at for being slow or doing other than required. Some multiplayer servers allow voice chats and often newcomers to the server are unaware and accidentally play their personal playlists broadcasting it to the entire server. Patience is also in issue with most new players. When coming into the game there are a multitude of things new players don’t know and most of the time it takes someone who’s been in the game a while to guide them. Starting off with a group of friends who have no experience can be amazing fun but it could also be frustrating. The game requires time, creativity and at least some skill. It is very much lifelike and time has to be put in to understand the mechanics.

All in all, it is an amazing game and all it takes is loads of patience and creativity, and with Microsofts recent acquisition of Mojang and all its games, including Minecraft, whispers of a sequel to the game has already begun to seep through the grapevine.

Minecraft is currently on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, and Android.


2 thoughts on “Minecraft Review

  1. I remember early days of Minecraft, messing with the crafting system trying to figure out WHAT I needed and where to make rather pivotal items. That wasn’t survival, that was frustration.


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